One of the greatest worries with first-gen foldable phones like the Huawei Mate X is their display. Since these bendable screens are made of a plastic material and curve outside (on account of the Mate X), they are in all respects prone to get scratched effectively even without use. Fortunately, Corning, maker of the renowned Gorilla Glass, is taking a shot at a foldable glass that will ensure future foldable smartphones.

Since this is foldable glass we’re discussing here, the test for Corning is to make a defensive layer that is thin and enough to twist but then be hard to harm on the display. The organization is right now testing a 0.1 millimeter thin glass with a curve radius of 5 millimeters. The glass maker wants to consolidate its aptitude in making Willow Glass (rollable) and Gorilla Glass to think of an answer.

In any case, John Bayne, SVP, Gorilla Glass, Corning, thinks that Corning will have these new protectable layers prepared in due time. That is when foldable phones go standard which we hope to find in a few years. Most recent reports have implied that Apple is taking a shot at its very own foldable cell phone and it is conceivable the main Apple foldable could accompany such a glass assurance.