Hello Everyone, this is HALFBAKED of so called planet Earth, I want to introduce you our server, feel free to come.. this server is exclusively for Pinoy Gamers but foreign men can enter our server for free, as mentioned below, no over powered character, no hegaton set with socket options which is bug set, we all know that i guess, well our server is S6 E3 but SOCKET OPTIONS is disabled (to some items) to prevent overpowered character, we tried several settings on def and dmg and yeah we finally meet the precise or accurate balanced between characters.

The Server is New and can run 24/7

[AD] PRO-MU [ 9999x |Drop 75 % | Season 6 Ep 3| 100%
Information about PRO-MU:
PRO-MU Website : www.PRO-MU.com
PRO-MU Registrations: https://PRO-MU.com/-id-Register.html
PRO-MU Downloads: https://PRO-MU.com/-id-Downloads.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PROMUS6EP3/
Server Rates:
Version: Season 6 EP 3
Experience: 9999999999999x
Drops: 75%
Bless Bug: Off
Reset Lvl: 400
Max Level: 9999
Reset Zen: 0 mil
Reset Points: Keep STATS!
Points Per Level: 20
Wings 1 Level in Shop !
Maximum Stats: 32,767
Clear Inventory: NO
Clear Skills: YES
Clear Stats: No
Server Features:
Balanced PVP
F.O Items/GodLike Items
News Golden Invasion
New Maps
New Skills
Spots in all Maps
WebShop: On (buy using credits)
Market: On (buy and sell system)
Reset: 10 Credits Reward per Reset
Vote and Get Reward
Support for Many Languages Online.
Active Community.
Commands in Game:
/addstr 32767 (Adding Strength Stats)
/addagi 32767 (Adding Agility Stats)
/addvit 32767 (Adding Vitality Stats)
/addene 32767 (Adding Energy Stats)
/addcmd (Add Points in Command)
About US:
Server made for true mu online max style fans, fast level ups (exp: x9999), fast resets,
easy to get best gear, to start PVP and participate in guild wars and PVP events!
Get maxed fast and to free mu online world from evil bosses which will bring best loot!
If this settings interest you, this server is for YOU!