Welcome to our website, And Welcome to Desire MU Season 4
Featuring a professional server crew, we can offer you the best, and the latest in the muonline world, in the best way possible. We offer are happy to offer you:

* New 6 Sets
* New 4 Shields
* New 2 Staffs
* New 3 Swords
* New 8 Monsters
* New 2 Maps
* New Stuffs
* And a lot more!

DesireMU,New Generation server:

99999x Experience max premium
100x Drops
100x Mixes
BOKS IN SHOP 1,2,3,4,5

Reset: Keep stats at reset ( +500 Points Bouns After Reset)
Start Now With 500+ Bonus Points When U Creat Character


Server de durata! Hai si TU!