Book your cheap accommodation in Privates Villas and apartments!
In these days of economic crisis traveling is becoming less affordable.
Holidays to Varna, Bulgaria are not an exception. Flights an airport taxes are ridiculously expensive and accommodation in hotels in is not exactly cheap either. There are flights in with ecnomy tariffs for Bulgaria.
Hotels in Varna, Bulgaria as I mentioned before are not very cheap although there is a number of options for as little as €40.00 per person per night. The problem is that everybody traveling on a budget want to stay in these very few hotels so to find accommodation in cheap hotels .Ok, now we know how difficult is to find these hotels. What is left then is something?. These are private houses in Varna that rent 1 or 2 rooms at around €35.00 per villa per night.
Noticed that I said per room if to people are sharing......I was founded one page, which offering accommodation in low prices.
I think that this type of accommodation is better choice for all of us....Think it!